Simon Bowen

With a strong belief that, if held in the hands of the right leaders, public and private commerce and enterprise can be one of the most powerful forces for good on the planet, Simon has invested over two decades in facilitating the resolution of complex issues for businesses and organisations of all sizes, across all sectors.

Born and raised in country Western Australia, that practical “just get-it-done” ethic has never left him. Combined with multiple tertiary qualifications in education and business and accreditation in a number of leadership programs and behavioural and talent profiling instruments, Simon’s mix of real practicality, with structured, researched solutions and rich understanding of human nature, allows him to bring a unique clarity to most situations.

Utilising this broad base of experience and knowledge, Simon created The Models Method, a system for elevated and accelerated thinking and influence. The Models Method uses the power of visual models to simplify the complex, make the abstract tangible and completely shift the dynamic from conflict and contention to influence and alignment.

As a consultant, Simon has been in constant demand both throughout Australia and overseas. He attracts very high praise from his clients and his ability to work with people at all levels to deliver results, has made him a valuable resource to organisations and individuals that have ambitious goals to achieve.

Dynamic and thought provoking, his creativity and enthusiasm makes him the perfect catalyst for your success.