Shari Teigman

Shari is a mindset coach and creative strategist specialising in helping people get unstuck and find their unique path in all areas of life and wellbeing.

Shari also hosts her podcast The Shambles Show and creates daily videos for her audience on stepping up their lives into full blast.

Shari’s unique zone of genius is helping people find their creative spark, their inner drive and their individuality to fuel success and fulfillment in reaching all of the goals. She does the deep work right alongside of you to uncover where you went off track, where you want to be and how to build your own bridge to your optimal mindset and confidence in your life and business.

She believes that with the right sherpa, every person has the potential to uncover and rediscover whom they once were before they lost their spark.

When Shari is not working with her clients and building her delightfully bold empire, she can often be found dancing on the kitchen table as her 2 boys glance over at her with smirks and move on with their normal lives.