How To Make Kick-ass Videos From Home

Today, we’re showcasing the awesome talents of my personal videographer (oooh don’t I sound flash!) Seth Ward. Now this man is not only a genius when it comes to filming, but more importantly he’s an expert at how to do this yourself! Seth is going to show you exactly how to film expert videos – in his words, from no budget to low budget to mo’ budget! With his guidance and expertise, you will be able to get started immediately! He’ll teach you everything you need to know about what equipment you need, how to record, how to get the best sound and, of course, how to make sure you’ve got your lighting nailed so you’re always showing your best side! It’s easy; you’re not going to just look great, you’re going to look like a pro too!

Seth is a freedom-focused, creative and business-minded techie. He’s been creating and growing membership and online learning businesses since the nineties, having been online since the mid-80s. A couple of his own membership sites have reached seven-figure turnovers – and he has consulted with, as well as built and sold, video technology platforms to some of the world’s biggest companies.

Together with his family he is travelling the world, researching and producing a documentary covering alternative education methods. They have built a life that lets them help likeminded clients to transform their own lives and, in turn, those of their clients.

Seth is unusual in having a freaky brain that’s wired for design, business AND technology. Plus he has a huge passion for learning and education, so he has really found his niche creating, configuring and promoting eLearning and membership sites for business owners.